Native Plants are the Answer!

Strategic Habitat Enhancements, LLC (SHE) is a woman-owned restoration and native plant consulting firm established in 2019 and based in Tucson, Arizona that brings over 20 years of experience in natural resources documentation and planning throughout the southwest. SHE provides a range of habitat restoration services including: restoration planning, invasive species management planning, natural resources surveys and reporting, meeting facilitation, and plan review. SHE specializes in providing customized native plant palettes for wildlands and urban projects that maximize habitat values for pollinators and other wildlife while being resilient to climate change. SHE works directly with local native plant producers to acquire the best and most appropriate plant materials available to meet project objectives. SHE also conducts educational classes and workshops for general public and professional audiences.


SHE is committed to collaborative development of creative solutions to difficult challenges that are both feasible and achieve the most effective restoration outcomes possible. With expertise steeped in a deep understanding of native plant biology and ecology, we specialize in guiding clients to the most appropriate native plant assemblages and managing vegetation for enduring project success.

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